Highlander Deluxe Picnic Basket for Four

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This is a charming and beautiful "old world" type picnic basket with complete deluxe service for 4. It has everything you could possibly want in a basket including a confortable picnic blanket. You'll love the unique shape of this basket, some people call this type of basket a "Bombay" basket.

You will like it because it is very practical and has a lot of room. It comes fully lined in red tartan color and with all of the accessories you need and has plenty of room for your food as well.

The basket is made of willow and has a beautiful chestnut brown color. Everything the wine cheese aficionado could ever think of is included in this basket.

This deluxe basket includes:

  • Four 8 inch porcelain plates
  • Four 7 OZ wine glasses
  • Four stainless steel knives
  • Four stainless steel forks
  • Four stainless steel spoons
  • One 6 inch by 6 inch hardwood cheese cutting board
  • One waiter style corkscre
  • One stainless steel cheese knife
  • One navy blue wine duffel
  • One food strorage container
  • One set of salt and ppper shakers
  • One 60 inch by 50 inch picnic basket

This willow picnic basket with service for four will make your picnic a memorable event. Your friends and family will truly love this gorgeous basket.